Is anyone else having a hard time like I am in trying to find the words to rise to this prompt “passionate” for day 4 of Just Jot it January?

It’s not that I am DISpassionate, it’s just… yes I am – I am largely dispassionate.

  1. not influenced by strong emotion, and so able to be rational and impartial.
    “she dealt with life’s disasters in a calm, dispassionate way”
    synonyms: unemotionalimpassivecoolcalm,   coolunruffledunperturbed,    composedself-possessed, self-                controlled, unexcitable


I used to be more passionate.

As a youth, I was passionate about reading. I read voraciously, insatiably, incessantly; my reading was unstoppable when I was engrossed. That kind of passionate.

As a teen, I became passionate about competitive swimming. I was good in all four strokes, but my best was the butterfly. The reason for that was this: when caught horsing around at practice, I was forced to swim fly as a punishment. I horsed around a lot. I got good at fly.


In my twenties, I was passionate about travel.

In my thirties, I was passionate about teaching.

Now, at forty-four, I am passionate about… yeah… not much really.

Well, there’s writing. Writing has been a lifelong calling for me, and I can still lose myself in it and find real delight in the whole process from the spark of inspiration and brainstorming through composition to editing and production and promotion.

So yeah. Writing. Woohoo I found something I’m still passionate about!

Not just an old, cold fish after all…