The Stream of Consciousness Saturday challenge this week is for us to take inspiration from words containing the letter sequence ‘eco’.

I think immediately of the words ‘reconsider’ and ‘reconnoitering’.

‘Reconsider’ makes me think of this song by contemporary American folk musician Greg Brown:

“Dream Cafe”

“We we’ve only been fighting ten years– do you really have to go? Couldn’t you reconsider, and do it real, real slow? I like living with you– I don’t care what you say. I don’t care who you meet, at The Dream Cafe.”

‘Reconnoitering’ is what I’m doing tonight.

See, I work at a hotel. And the corporate ownership has decided that certain employees should have the whole guest-experience of the hotel for themselves.

So I showed up at check-in time, overnight bag and laptop in tow, and upon checking in was handed a worksheet to fill in with info about the hotel in order to show I learned some things.

Thus far, the things I have learned are these:

  • that I cannot mirror my laptop onto the smart TVs here with an HDMI cable
  • that the heater in my room is noisy and the air it blows into the room sufficiently dry to give me a nosebleed in first one nostril, then the other (a problem I almost never have)
  • that the nearby restaurant to which I am accustomed to referring our clientele is overpriced and has bad art on the walls (though the voodoo pasta was deliciously spicy)
  • that the five-year old daughter of a colleague who is also staying over tonight is on a cheerleading squad which is performing with The Globe Trotters

Oh, and the night man just told me that the place is haunted by the ghost of a woman who OD’d on pills on the top floor years ago. He said that the pictures fly off the walls occasionally and the elevator opens and closes with no one in it.

I’ll have to be sure to note these important facts on my worksheet along with the name and square footage of the meeting room and the hours of the pool.