Upon visiting Imaginary Garden with Real Toads this morning, I found a post from exactly a month ago encouraging us toads to “try the Burmese form called THAN BAUK.. a three-line poem with four syllables each, featuring rhymes in kind of a step pattern…”

The THAN BAUK rhyme scheme looks like this:

x x x R

x x R x

x R x x

And here are my efforts at THAN BAUK:

“Cherish the day,”

sings Sade, and

I say, “Amen.”

The boxer gropes

for the ropes, yet

still hopes he’ll win.


On third world paths,

kids run after

me, laughingly.


Midst fields of beans’

vivid green shoots

I’ve seen black bears.


Away you fly –

again – sighing

say I, “Return!”