Don’t know whether anyone who will read this loves Tracy Chapman as I do, but…

I’ve loved most of the songs of hers I have heard over the years.

I had a cassette of one of her albums back in high school, and used to play it at night so she could sing me to sleep.

Following her on Facebook, I see that there is an upcoming free e-book full of people’s personal stories involving the songs from her debut album.

Tracy Chapman Online

In April 2018, we are going to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of Tracy Chapman’s Debut Album which sold over 20 million copies worldwide! For this occasion we want to publish an e-book that will gather your stories with this album or one of the songs from it. If it changed your life, reminds you some special memories, helped you to go through difficult times… please tell us your story!

If you want to submit your story, fill this form by clicking on the following link and please respect those rules:
– Write in English
– Submit your story by February 28, 2018

If you don’t have any story to submit but want to be informed when the book is available, please leave us your email address at the end of the form so that we can let you know about its release.

Remember, your story must be related to Tracy Chapman’s first album or to one of the songs from it and understand that ALL SUBMITTED STORIES WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED but only a selection of the most moving, interesting, original will be kept for the final book.

We are also looking for pieces of art to illustrate the ebook, if you are a visual artist, please have a look at our contest

The e-book will be available for FREE download on April 5, 2018


I have entered my own little story for the book. It goes like this:

As my 30th birthday approached, I was a teacher of English as a Second Language in South Korea, living in love with my Canadian grrrl, and we decided to celebrate the occasion with a trip to Italy. Our relationship had been foundering somewhat, and we knew that a grand adventure together was just what we needed. We were right. As we explored Italy, we discovered each other anew. On the night we arrived in Venice, there was heat lightning in the sky. We went for a walk at dusk, crossing dozens of little bridges, and found ourselves outside a cafe which had just closed. The staff was cleaning up, placing chairs upside-down on tables… and from the open front door came the unmistakable voice of Tracy Chapman. We sat on the stoop there beside the water and listened as they played the whole debut album. When “Baby Can I Hold You” came on, I mustered the strength to say I was sorry for the hard times we had been having, for being distant and preoccupied and inattentive and all of it. I’ve always wanted to thank Tracy for helping me to say what was in my heart that night.












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