Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie presents this collage to work from today:


Low-tech Love


She was a simple girl in a simple dress
Which showed her legs but not her breasts
I could tell her love would be very low-tech
Which is the kind of love that I like best


Love like an old fan, rattling as it spins
Exposed blades dangerous for kids and kittens
But the perfect means toward the end
On a hot day when you’re just sittin


Love like an old black-and-white sedan
With the kind of windows you crank down by hand
In which – even when you go as fast as you can –
You’ll never beat the band


Love less like roses and more like weeds –
The background that the flowers need
In order for their colors to pop you see –
Just plain green plants from common seeds


Love like the screen of a very small television
The reception of which is always hittin and missin
But which entertains you when you’re wishin
There was something to look at in the kitchen


So I went up to the girl, and I said, “You’ll do.”
She replied, “Oh I will, will I?” and “So says who?”
“Says Dan,” answered I, “who wants to dance with you.”
“Well I’m Jill,” said my girl, “and I guess you’ll do, too.”


Well it’s goin on ten years now that we’re datin!
And she’s never given me the ultimatum
To get on with it and pop the question –
Which I would – but would rather keep her guessin.


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