Today’s Just Jot it January word prompt is ‘justice’…

I was thinking about justice over the weekend, when – upon reading my post “Misgivings” – a fellow blogger (DN) commented wondering what would arise if “you really let go of the tether and truly said what you feel with venom ferocity and fire!”

I don’t know that I’m very capable of truly venomous venom, truly fierce ferocity… but here – see what you think of what happened when I did cut loose a bit:

I’ve been playing dodo bird –
My head buried in the sand –
Time to put my nose in the wind
And get the lay of the land

I look to the cities, I look to the oceans,
I look to the forests dwindling
As you fill them with your poisons
And use people like kindling

It’s our world, our family you’re plundering,
And we’re not going to have it, see!
Now, you may be wondering:
Who do I mean by ‘we’?

Well we’re social workers and activists.
We’re doctors and lawyers and such.
We’re protesters and advocates.
And we don’t like you too much.

So have at you! Despoilers of our relations!
Have at you! Masters of war!
Have at you and your unjust machinations!
Me and mine will show you what for!

You feel us coming, don’t you?
See the fire that’s in our eyes?
We fly the true red white and blue
And God is on our side!

The march of the centuries is called progress.
Humanity’s come a long way since the Dark Ages.
You’re bound to lose. You can stick this feudalism up your egress
Our victory’s as inevitable as accessible medicine and equitable wages.

When I say masters of war, I’m not talking about the national defense.
I’m talking about meddling blindly in dimly understood foreign affairs
And throwing living, breathing babies out with the blasted rinse.
I’m not a precious snowflake; I’m someone who cares.

Like I say, you’re going to lose in the end.
Like I say, it’s more than just me.
You can say whatever you want to your racist friends;
We know how it’s going to be.

It’s going to get better for everyone
Whether you like it or not.
And while you’re crying ’cause you didn’t get away with it, son,
We’ll be wiping your tears and snot.