Dear twenty-year-old me, learn how to surf and go skydiving before it’s too late!



I’m batting nearly 1000 so far on the two challenges I’ve recently undertaken:

I’ve been faithful with the JusJoJan prompts, but not so with the suggestions arriving each day in my email inbox from Jeff Goins.

In the last few days, Jeff has suggested that I write a letter to my former self, and that I write something intended to persuade someone to do something.

While I find both of Jeff’s suggestions to be great writing exercises, I have just been writing other stuff, such as this post acknowledging and introducing my first followers here on Word Florilegium (maybe you are in the post!)

So, today, my one-liner is intended not only for JusJoJan, but also to cover those two my500words prompts. Not that anybody but me is keeping score… or that it would be the end of the world if I missed a prompt… but you know, it can be good (and fun) to hold oneself accountable for fulfilling commitments one makes.

A final word on my one-liner: I have never understood what people mean when they say to live life with no regrets. I have so many regrets! I don’t stew on them all the time or anything, but the facts of the case are plain and simple – I didn’t do a lot of things I wish I had done, and I did do plenty of things I wish I had not done.

So SURF. younger me! And GO JUMP OUT OF A PLANE! Because by the time you are 44 and so out of shape that you wake up every morning feeling like you have a sports injury just from SLEEPING, it will be too late to ride a wave or land on your feet.