Ever do something with the best of intentions and high hopes, knowing full well it might have some negative results, but braving it anyway in optimistic anticipation that the positive outcome would make the negative negligable?

I have.

I have, just recently… reached out to a large number of people at once… and while the number of people who did not mind my gesture – or were pleased or even delighted by it – is greater I believe than the number of people who did not appreciate it – or were dismayed or even revolted by it, I still believe that I made a grave error.

Sometimes just one person who takes justifiable offense outweighs dozens who don’t.

What’s more, I find myself in the predicament of not being able to apologize to those whom I have offended. To do so would be something like a trespasser you have shouted off your property then hopping the fence into your yard and knocking on the back door to say he’s sorry. So – it being completely inadvisable to apologize, I’m left… shamed.

Nothing for it but to take a deep breath, soldier on, and do one’s best not to repeat the mistake in future.