This has been my morning. Fresh from a night full of giddily wonderful dreams which had me giggling in my sleep, I woke early feeling superbly rested and ready for the day. After brushing lightly a stray auburn lock from my lover’s cheek and leaning in to place there a kiss soft enough not to wake her from her doubtless much-needed slumber, considering our extreme passionate exertions of the night before, I whistled my way into the shower, to luxuriate longer than usual under the pounding water as writing ideas arrived fully-formed in my mind, like lavish gifts from a very generous muse. These ideas solidified further as, rippling muscles steaming, I performed my customary yoga on the dawn-cool, dewy veranda before dressing.

After a few bites of English muffin with a rare apricot chutney amid the hanging copper pots and pans of my expansive kitchen, I took my espresso-infused chai latte to the den, flipped on the surge protector powering the old supercomputer with its several large monitors, and proceeded to outline a new novel using Scrivener and Tinderbox. Having gotten down the essential corpus of the brilliant book-to-be, I decided to have a brief go at the interwebs before settling to the task of fleshing out details. Just as I was launching a browser on each monitor, Deirdre padded in to say good morning.

A few hours later now, after another shower, I return to the den to check my inbox. Moving a sizable spate of fanmail to the appropriate bulging folder, I discover several acceptances from publications, as well as a fat royalty payment, and letters from my bank, a lawyer, and a long-lost friend. The bank reports a gross error in my favor. The lawyer has news of the passing of a despised uncle, from whose considerable estate I am bequeathed a windfall. The long-lost friend wants to meet this very day for lunch. I pause only to dispatch this glad missive to you, pal of mine, and I’m off!


Blink blink. Back to reality. This letter fulfills the writing suggestions from the last two emails sent to me by Jeff Goins of the My 500 Words challenge: to write about my day, and to lie my ass off.