“Eyes cast down

See now what up is,

How full ’round

Compass spins…

Enchanted glass – magnet black’d –

Open mirror doooor!”

Upon uttering the last word of his incantation, Nefar leapt nimbly out over the contraption he had constructed upon the winecellar floor, sank full-speed into its surface and was gone.

“Mother blue…” muttered Fern, momentarily stupefied; regaining herself, she looked to Daz, who was bridling in panic – rolling eyes wide and flared nostrils in the air like a bull sensing a coming thunderstorm.

In one fluid motion, the lithe little female slid both of her legs between the big man’s knees, while reaching up to grab and yank on his prized platinum medallion, which caused him to look down, lurch forward, trip, and tumble both of them into the mirror door.

Shadorma and flash written to word prompt (enchantment) from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and photo prompt provided by Three Line Tales.

This post has a prequel called all this way.