Milly Schmidt

Beware. The hilarious Milly Schmidt post The nine stages of trying to write poetry is FULL OF CATS.

belle jars

On belle jars, find quirky, potentially somewhat dangerous and ever-interesting poems such as dense fog, aimless band-aid.

lou rasmus

This lou rasmus is more than just a hairdo to die for. Check out his recent post, MATERIAL THINGS.

The Youthful Traveller takes us to Thailand with gorgeous photos and travelogue in MY ULTIMATE THAILAND EXPERIENCE!

Vinayak Gupta

The latest stirring poem on SouL SpeakS is called Mumma I promise…


At Quill & Parchment you will find that REGRETS HAVE NO VALUE.

Rita Kay

Inspired by the Daily Prompt ‘stifle’ Rita Kay Says some thought-provoking things about anxiety in her post All in my Head.

At Oh, border!, we learn about the Soul mate.

Deb Whittam

Popping over to Twenty Four, I find a cool poem called [I AM].

Tish MacWebber

Tish has moved to her own dot com, where you will find more installments of Trust Your Gut: Tish’s Story


SABKI MAGGI gives recipes for instant noodles, including Winter Chicken Ramen.


At La Audacia de Aquiles, one is reminded that “El Mundo Visible es Sólo un Pretexto”  (“The Visible World is Just a Pretext”). A recent post gives a detailed breakdown of ►Tarot: “Most Relevant Generalities / Major Arcana”🗝.-.


Interested in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel? Check out!

We R Cats

Over at, they are very serious about cats. A recent post has been This Is A Cool Way To Win The Jackpot With Your Cat.



Recent reviews on Movie Trailers include Vazante, Acts of Violence, and 12 Strong.

Keeping Up With Sam

Recent posts on keepingupwithsamm give details of forays into vlogging and twitter.


Three scenes from a work-in-progress lately on Cage Dunn: Writer, Author, Teller-of-tall-tales


Compelling visuals combine with wise words on MYMonkey MIND ( MYMM).

Beat Company

A recent post on reveals the fact that Bukowski never considered himself a beat poet.


a recent post on Dark Side of the Moon is The Alabaster Box, a powerful poem in the Brady’s Touch form.

M.P. Powers

A recent post on Sketches from Berlin, entitled On Sincerity (& a Quote by Van Gogh) extols the virtue of being authentic.

Rudra Makwana

A recent post on Tinte explores the Power of Truth.


A recent post on Amberz is a review of the Red Tea Detox.


The artist behind Diary of an Aesthete is on, as he says, a Global Pilgrimage. A recent post, Sands of Time overflows with gorgeous photos of Morocco and glowing words to match the photos.


Tim Miller

In a recent post on word and silence entitled Emily Dickinson (Forerunners), Tim Miller shares a bit of biographical information about Dickinson, tells about a time in his life when her work spoke to him profoundly, and offers a brilliant selection of her poetry.

The Commerce Pro

The good folks of The Commerce Pro offer to create a commercial for your business and to help you market the commercial as well.


Costas Liakopoulos of was fired due to the economic crisis in Greece, and began to operate this website on how to generate income online.