Barker: “Welcome one and welcome all

Into this wondrous tent, this tent of wonders

As in, ‘I wonders

What you’re all doing here!’


I jest! We all know

Why we’re here, don’t we?

You’re here to see

The Mirrored Man

And I –

I am here

To show him to you!

Thankyou, thankyou.

And here… he… is!”

[ENTER The Mirrored Man]

(Hushed murmuring)

TMM: I am

The Mirrored Man

Look to me


It is yourself

You find!

Heckler: I find a man in fancy longjohns!

TMM: I am

The Mirrored Man

Look to me doubtfully

And doubt will you find!

Child: I can see you, Daddy!

Barker: Behold! The father in the son!

Heckler: I want my dime back!

TMM: Look to me with greed

Greed you’ll find.

Heckler: I’m fit to look to you with my fist.

Barker: Ho, now, friend, that’d be seven years bad luck for you!

TMM: Look to me with anger…

Heckler: Yeah, yeah.

[EXIT Heckler]

Ringer: Well I think he’s just… just beautiful.

(Murmured agreement)