1. Quote
    • “Things won are done; joy’s soul lies in the doing.” – William Shakespeare, Troilus and Cressida, Act 1, Scene 2
  2. Reflect on Quote
    • Process over product
  3. Answer a Question
    • Why is the doing more joyful than what’s done?
    • Because pursuit is more thrilling than possession
  4. Personal Development
    • Focus on being more mindful in moments of doing
  5. Life Milestones
    • Writing has afforded me many milestones
  6. Specific Event
    • Completing my first book-length fiction
  7. Captured Moment
    • Seeing my book for sale as a paperback on Amazon
  8. Describe Challenge
    • Be writing another book
  9. Define Solution to Challenge
    • Write
  10. Write Down Prayer
    • Praise up!
  11. Express Gratitude
    • Thanks.
  12. Meditate before Journalling
    • Om… um… shouldn’t this be number one?
  13. Describe a Memory
    • I remember one time I took almost two dozen Journal Writing Prompts and just filled in answers for them real quick and made a blog post out of it.
  14. Overcoming Fears
    • I will not let my fear of seeming ridiculous prevent me from publishing this post.
  15. Recall a Dream
    • I dreamed I was a dragonfly dreaming I was a man.
  16. Time Capsule
    • Hey future me: when you read this, remember that you enjoyed having a job where there was enough downtime to blog.
  17. Food Tracking
    • Brunch beef stew
    • Lupper: sub sandwich
    • AndThen: craisins and sea salt kettle chips
  18. Travelogue
    • Today, I traveled to…
      • The bank to withdraw money from the ATM
      • CVS to buy bulk cheap wine
      • The doctor’s office where I learned I’m being prescribed a CPAP machine
      • Work through a snowstorm
      • Home with warning lights for Antilock Brakes and Emergency Brake mysteriously lit
  19. Dislikes
    • My grammar pet peeve is ‘less then’ rather than ‘less than’
  20. Write to Imaginary Friend
    • Dear Reader, thank you for reading this glib post. Best, Dan
  21. Lessons of a Book
    • The Book by Alan Watts explains that there is no point at which the universe stops and you begin; nor is there a point where you stop and the universe begins.
  22. Affirmation
    • Yes!
  23. List
    • This whole post is a list.