Be still.”


“Or what?”


Prepare for epiphany.


“What? So… what, you’re a… thrill-seeker space-pirate?”


Puny-willed Earth-thing, you cannot conceive the fortitude my travel demands.


“Really? That’s it is it? Just swoop down. Just scoop me up, middle of a blue-sky day, all to tell me how superior you are?”


Silence! You stand before Horologium the Resolute!


“…and then tell me to shut up.”


I come to deliver epiphany.


“Well then, get it over wi… oh!”




Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie is calling this weekend for an alien abduction.

Meanwhile, Sammi Cox provides the photo above, a 75-word-story challenge, and these 3 words: fortitude, resolute, epiphany.