i was born on my mother’s birthday

when she was 25

and the math is broken! because

every year until i was 25, if you doubled my age, it was less than her age

like when i was 24, which doubles to 48, she was 49

but then when i turned 26, she was 51, and if you doubled my age, it was more than her age


i am the best birthday present she ever had, so she says…


when i was in college, i grew my hair to my shoulders

fine, blonde… my mother’s hair

then one year i had most of it chopped off

i gave my hair to an artist and commissioned her to make a necklace for my mother for our birthday

she made a fine long tight braid of it with a nice clasp and a pendant

the pendant was our birth stone, garnet


not something one wears out to dinner, but i’m sure she still has it


come this July, if you double my age it will be 90

and she will be 70

i’m gaining on her