in dim

mossy maze

of jungle floor

full fathoms below

canopy’s sunlit leaves

lives a land-leviathan

for i saw shield-sized di’mond eyes

aglow in flickers of my death-gript torch

as very air quaked with its bassy hiss

and knew the machete availed of naught

but to pacify vines as gasping

fled i scaly coil and fang pierce

flushing suddenly a boar

to charge the way i’d come

take my place as prey

and save me from

the belly

of the




Thanks to Elsie (aka Kiwinana) for her Poetry Prompt Challenge with this week’s word prompts ‘darkness’ and ‘peace’, and for introducing me to Etheree Poetry, which consists of unrhymed lines building one syllable in length from one up to ten, and and Reverse Etheree, being obviously a ten-line down to a one.

Cheers also Bikurgurl for the jungle-theme-inspiring 100 Word Wednesday photo prompt and for the word-count target. My write is I believe 82 words long, falling 18 short. It is to be hoped I’ll do better next time!

Thanks for reading.