Facebook community page and group page (click image to visit!)



Two (clickable) mock-ups of a Promote Your Book Free website.

What started as a why-not Facebook community page now has well over 1000 likes and a burgeoning group with hundreds of members. We see posts about new books all the time – some free, some cheap – some ebooks, some paperbacks.

Seems like it might be time to break out of the Facebook platform and get a website going. I believe we’ve got critical mass to support a strong site.

So I’ve been looking at our options. Which is fun. I’ve always loved building websites. I don’t code much, but I HTML a bit, and really enjoy playing with page and post editors and builders, widgets and plugins and such.

My pet project is fun and rewarding. I help authors, and sometimes they say the sweetest things to me. We like each other’s author pages and amazon profiles. There have been giveaways. Reviews have been written. Sometimes we even read each other’s books! lol

It occurs to me to ask – do you have a book? If you might be interested in using the community, joining the group, or getting in at the ground level on our coming expanded webpresence, I’m sure we’d be glad to have you. Find ways to get involved and to share info about your book in any of the locations linked to the images above.