If we were having coffee, you’d have your pick of a regular cuppa or the chainsaw mule kick dirty chai.

Once we got settled with our bracing beverages, I’d probably ask you if you’ve published a book. I’m seeking out authors, you see.

Why am I after authors? Well, because promoting books has become a hobby of mine.

When I published my first book, I started seeking readers online, and what I found… somewhat to my dismay… was a whole lot of other authors seeking readers online!

Since then, I’ve run the gamut – from creating sites for my books to taking bookblog tours to participating in review swaps… from giveaways on goodreads and amazon to spotlights and profiles on bookbuzzr and bookdaily, authors’ den and librarything… and all stops therebetween.

It’s been a trip, a fairly arduous adventure, and still I feel I’ve reached precious few readers. Maybe you have an inkling what I mean from personal experience. The saving grace, for me, is that my main joy in writing is the process. I desire to be read, for sure, and to get feedback, but I never hoped for fame or fortune, and – sincerely – I just love the act of writing. The rest is mere icing on the cake.

Anyway, what I’ve got going on these days is called PYBF – Promote Your Book Free. It started as a facebook community page, grew to a group, branched out to twitter (@promotebookfree), and has culminated in a dot com ala wordpress (promoteyourbookfree.com). Good fun, good fun. Join in!

If we were having coffee, I might recite for you a little trianglet I wrote a while back.

Caffeination Supplication




Precious bean

Fine ground and brewed

Steaming in my cup

Won’t you wake me up

So I can write

What I mean



And if we were having coffee, I might recall the last time we had coffee, and how I had just had a sleep study and was excited to start on a CPAP machine.


I’ve been enjoying Constant Positive Air Pressure while sleeping for over two months now… and I do mean enjoying. Gone are the days of perpetual fatigue. Gone is feeling upon waking like I’d been beat up. CPAP, for me, is simply awesome. Medical science be praised! Best rest I’ve had in a dozen years, at least.

Thanks for if-we-were-having-coffee-ing with me.