Help! I’m hopelessly addicted to a PC game!

My obsession with the game Stardew Valley by solo developer @ConcernedApe is the reason why I haven’t written a blog post (or anything else) for weeks and weeks.

Well, I have written a few things. About the game. Because I am all about the game.

I created a free-standing webpage introducing myself and my playing style and issuing an open invitation to contact me for multiplayer sessions.

And I wrote another page about interpersonal dynamics and issues in Stardew Valley multiplayer. Star-dos and Star-don’ts, as it were.

But poems, none have I written. Nor have I worked on the old novel-in-progress.


How could I? I have loose lumber and rock to clear on my back forty! Dirt to hoe! Crops to plant and water and harvest! Moreover, the Adventurer’s guild is really riding me to slay more monsters in the abandoned mine under the mountain, and I need to find just the right items to gift to my crush so as to woo her into marriage and motherhood of my future virtual children. Already I have an adorable virtual pet cat. Also I have fishing to do, many quests to complete, and a whole townful of people to save from the machinations of an evil corporation. How could I, given all this, compose poetry or fiction?

I pause my practically nonstop gaming only to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season.

Merry Christmas!

Now back to Stardew Valley.