I keep stirring and stirring the web with the mouse.

And I’m tapping and tapping at the keys.

What am I playing at creating? What summoning rite is this?

Does any of it amount to poetry?

But seriously, what am I after here, sprawling across all available social media channels, logged in everywhere and everywhere broadcasting links to everywhere else?

Is it connection I pursue? And if so, is that an irony?

Link. Link. Link. Link. Webpage to explain where each link goes. Each link goes to a place which explains where each link goes. Profile, profile, link.

Ever heard of Pearltree?

Oh, I’m not complaining. It all passes the time quite pleasantly. I’ve been at it for hours, yet I feel as though I just began.

Forget all that. All of the above. I take it back. (But I’m leaving it in.)

Let’s pretend that this is a simple, straightforward post wherein I invite you to a new facebook group I’ve just created.

It’s a group for readers and writers. For real.

Won’t you come in and… connect?

Reader Writer Rally
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It might be a celebration of reading. It might be a space in which little-sung titles meet curious eyes. New acquaintances might be made here, based o…