So the midweek motif at Poets United is clouds.

For inspiration, we are given (among other poems) this Basho:

Clouds Come and Go by Matsuo Basho
“The clouds come and go, 
providing a rest for all 
the moon viewers” — Matsuo Basho

Which I love, because, who would think of that? Who would look at a cloud and think, well, for people staring at the moon, that’ll be a pause for the cause. Of course, who knows… maybe moon-looking was a thing in Basho’s day. Or maybe that kind of punchline was common. I just can’t but love it.

And I’m thinking, well, what will I write about clouds?

I’ve got clouds on the mind, you see.

Then I see this:

Took me a moment to see it, I must admit.

This is brilliant, too, to me. Whether it is photoshopped or not.

I wish I had a zen-like punchline ala Basho, or an unlooked-for association as can be found in the photo. Instead, all I’ve got is…

Getting Lost in Azure Cloud

After some fits and false starts

Working with tech well beyond my ken

By just keeping at it, click-clicking, downloading

And installing any number of applications,

I managed to use (ahem) a Bitnami LAMP stack

To deploy a Drupal Content Management System

As a virtual machine

In Azure Cloud Storage.

Now if that sounds like Greek to you,

Then we are pretty much on the same page.

I sat back and looked at what I had done

And at all the menus full of words I don’t know

And thought, well, I have certainly done… something.

Not a very pretty poem is it? Not lovely like a cloud is lovely. Nor stately.

Perhaps it would play better as a Haibun. If I put a senryu on the end like…

Eyes full of blue cloud

I see not well what I do

Rather flying blind