Decaf. I accidentally bought decaf. What… do I have a hangunder from nonalcoholic beer, that i should need this silly stuff? I gotta drink it though, because I have a compunction about not throwing away viable foodstuffs. So this… right now… is the first time in my life that I have ever brewed a pot of decaf. As I get older, I start to notice more when it’s the first time for something. Not just, like, this is the first time my aging body has betrayed me in this particular way… those firsts don’t count. I mean the first time (after 46 years of living) that I do something which it seems like I would have done long since. For instance, recently, when I was out of milk, I poured coffee into a bowl of cereal and ate it. It was delicious! And invigorating. Another example would be the interview I had for the little jobby job I’m currently working. I have always gone into interviews and said, listen, I will work any shift. Weekends, graveyards, holidays: you name it. But at this interview, for the first time, I said hey, you can only have me in the afternoon. Which has worked out swimmingly. But yeah, firsts seem to stand out more these days. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to confuse my body thoroughly by pouring into it something which tastes as though it contains a significant, sustaining dose of the substance to which I am addicted, but does in fact not. Jaysus. Anybody got one of those tobacco-free herbal cigarettes from the health food store?