Less than an hour left here, central time. of the second day of 2020.

Just enough of a window to do a last-minute weigh-in on today’s JuJoJan prompt, which is about photographs.

Specifically, the prompt asks for a shot taken in the past week or so, or, failing that, something of which one would like to have taken a photo.

I am not a picture-taker. And therefrom hangs a tale.

See, once upon a time, I stood photographing a glorious mountain in British Columbia, when the camera I was using broke mid-click. Being one wont to read meaning into most everything, especially as a young man, I took from that experience the notion that the universe was trying to teach me more fully to appreciate beauty in the moment, connecting with it mindfully, making a real memory, rather than looking at it just long enough to capture it on film, then moving on to the next thing.

Don’t get me wrong. I love pictures. I’m very glad people take them. It’s just not my bag.

Anyway, if I were a picture-taker, this week I would have caught the image of the brilliant open fire I sat beside all afternoon with loved ones yesterday.