The first thing which came to me in re: ‘ow’ was the fact that instead of exclaiming ow! or ouch! to sudden pain, my neighbors back when I lived in Korea would say, “Aigo!” ( 아이고 ) It just means ‘gosh’ or ‘oh dear’ or OMG.

Then I thought cow, then I thought now, then “How now, brown cow?”

Next, a few names came to me. like Berkowitz, Horowitz, and McGowan.

Knowing that planning overly much what to write goes against the grain of Stream of Consciousness Saturday, I decided to abandon the process of trying to find the perfect ‘ow’ word to write about, and instead just to begin writing. And here I am. Writing.


Wild oats sown, I now am grown, and knowing as I do how harrowing it can be to plow recklessly, fecklessly out into the world, into the blue as it were, future ever uncertain, I’m all the more rapt by this bright-dawning surety of tomorrow and its tomorrow and all the tomorrows here, at home, with you. It’s not that I’m cowed at all at the prospect of gadding about as before, throwing caution to the wind and allowing the chips to fall as they may. Rather, my thirst for such has been slaked. That old wanderlust has abated. And I find myself wondering how it ever consumed me so… Of all my lessons learned over these many years spent tossed and blown, the one that resounds with me in this moment is the importance of being aware what it is that one wants. All excitement of aimless questing notwithstanding, greater still is the thrill of identifying the object of one’s desire, going after and ultimately winning it. Give me no more the e’er-rolling bones of fickle fortune! I vow I’ll stick with you.