Seven months or so since my last post… do I still know how to do this?

Prompts! I need prompts.

Let’s see… looks like there’s a fresh set of 5 prompt words over on the site of Tyler Deal:

  • Broadcast
  • Safeguard
  • Whet
  • Ablaze
  • Chronic

OK so ‘broadcast’ eh? That probably means throwing either a woman or a wide fishing net. A ‘safeguard’ must be one of those guys who ride in the back of a Brinks truck. To ‘whet’, I’m pretty sure, is to spit on a rock before grinding a knife sharp on it. And ‘ablaze’ and ‘chronic’ are obviously druggie language.

Now I just use the 5 words in a poem or something.

Here goes.

Exhausted and famished from broadcasting all day long

I decided to call up a friend and to break out my bong

My friend soon arrived in his huge, boxy automobile

For he is a safeguard against those who would steal

Big money

He is funny

Too. When he came into my house he said, “Well, to what have you been up?”

I said, “Catching some fish on which for us to sup.”

“So I thought,” he grinned, and from his Brinks duffel, he took a long, thin knife and a square, gray stone.

I watched as he whetted and sharpened – so sharp! there would be nary a bone.

While he made fillets

I set chronic ablaze

The fish got fried

And so did I

Then I dined with my friend

The end.