Sun pours long this early autumn afternoon,
Flows through the park grove viscous as honey.

Each leaf it hits becomes a bright light atop,
And beneath, a greeny darkness.

She’s lost her shoes! Can you believe it?
Took them off, and her socks, somewhere…

The socks are balled up in her left hand still.
She’s forgotten her hands for the feel of feet
Gliding slow through the grass among the strong trunks
Of the widespread, mature trees.

A fat bird breaks her reverie,
Plopping unceremoniously to the ground before her.

“Now where’s my shoes?”

The bird just shrugs.

“A mystery…”

Bikurgurl’s photo prompt for 100 Word Wednesday:

AND THIS WEEK’S WHIRLIGIG: from “In Passing” by Lisel Mueller: strained, honey, light, flows, darkness, closed, shrugs, mystery, break, can, lost, precious

(I left out strained and closed. Please don’t tell Teacher on me.)