1st thought: ach, my smoker lungs
2nd thought: network of neurons
3rd thought: stained glass by Geiger
further thoughts:

i see process upon process, nesting and connecting
functions calling functions, recursive as the Mandelbrot
built of innumerable all-or-nothings
simple signals: ones and oughts

i think of artificial intelligence
supervised machine learning and big data
the hole down which the rabbit went
for tea with the mad hatter

i know a little about a lot, not a lot about a little
which is why my thoughts often peter out, loop, and repeat
or retreat into terms like ‘the whole kit and kaboodle’
rather than admit defeat

i try to see a line of thinking through to conclusion
and sometimes it even works out
but in this case, a matter this complex,
a guess is all i’ve got

i guess we are the parents
and computers are the kid
A.I. will live forever
our last words: look what we did!

another stimulating challenge from Reena