Do you believe in some “higher power”? Why? Why not?

I have a deep-abiding faith in one ‘highest power’, which I call God.

Do you think reality is just a simulation?

I am not sure what is meant by this question, exactly.
I do not think I am a ‘sim’ in some piece of software. no.
Reality is a tricky concept.
I do believe that the universe exists beyond and regardless of perception.
Functionally, however, all one has is sensory impressions, which are subjective.
Therefore, I would say that I experience my personal simulation of reality.

What is utopia for you?

A utopia, to me, is an abstract concept of a culture in which individuals do not suffer.

What is dystopia for you?

…a culture in which there is much suffering.

Can a human being ever truly be objective?

Nope. We are condemned to subjectivity. One can only be relatively less subjective.

Is there absolutely good or evil? Or do you believe that everything is grey?

The only absolute is that there are no absolutes.

Does the end justify the means?


Is everything contextual?


Do you believe in multiverse?

See, ‘uni-‘ means ‘one’. The universe is quite simply the largest unit.
If there is more than one reality, still it falls within the universe.
If there are umpteen dimensions, yet they manifest within the universe.
I’m not one to rule out ‘multi-‘, I just conceive of ‘uni-‘ encompassing all.

What do you think about the “afterlife”? Is there really such a thing?

After. Life. So that means you’re dead, right? You’re in a post-living state.
I tend to believe that when one dies, one rejoins the source of life.
To my way of thinking, this process involves sloughing off the identity.
If you were still yourself after you died, you’d basically still be alive.
That would not really be an afterlife, would it?

Do you believe that existence is suffering?

Sure, insofar as one encouters resistance. Gravity hurts; friction hurts.
I have heard it said that suffering correlates with intellect. Seems legit.

Can you separate art from the artist?

Yes. I can like work generated by someone I find despicable.
I can dislike works by someone I admire.

Do dreams have deeper meaning?

Deeper than… um. Dreams are great. Hooray for dreams. Even nightmares.

Is there such a thing as free will?

Life is a choose-your-own-adventure book.
The book is written. Which pages we read depend on our choices.

How would you define yourself? Who are you, if not your name, gender, sexuality, your past, your goals, your dreams? Who are you?

I am all of the matter, energy, forces, and conditions necessary to my being.
I am a sentient pimple on the ass of the universe.

Why are we here?

Could you rephrase that?

Is there an inner self?


What matters to you more, the abstract or the concrete?

The concrete gotta eat, gotta drink, gotta sleep. That’s all fairly front burner.
I do delight in the abstract, but I gotta back-burner it to staying alive.

Is love real?

Yes. Are you?

Does selfless good deed exist?

Hmm… altruism. I do believe in altruism, yes. I reckon it’s rare, though.

Is anything truly pious?

I think of ‘pious’ as meaning something like ‘devoutly unerring in one’s faith’.
Given that personal definition of pious, yeah, sure, it can happen.
Now, if you mean is anything objectively righteous, then I must demure.
According to my faith and belief system, there are righteous ways of being.
But that’s subjective still, eh? That’s me being pious, not me being right.

Can humanity be saved from the inevitable doom?

Haha well, no. We’re all gonna die and die out until only AI remains.

Do we have a purpose?

A Greater Purpose? Nah. Again, there’s no objective one right way to be.

What do you think the ultimate goal of humanity should be?

I think that humanity should work towards bettering life for all humans.
Beyond borders, beyond all of our differences (real and imagined)…
We should devise strategies which improve life for as many humans as possible.

If it weren’t for capitalism, what would be your dream job?

Inventor. (I like this question.)

What do you seek from life?

Mostly I seek peace of mind, which is elusive for me.

Would you kill a friend to save 10 strangers?

This kind of question I can’t handle. I mean… how strange are they?

Would you change the way you live your life if you found out that this isn’t real? What would you change?

Like if I found out that I am a ‘sim’ on some software? Meh. I’d just keep on keeping on.

Where do we go when we do?

Wherever you go, there you are.

Do you believe in cosmic oneness?


I snagged these great questions from

a post intended to inspire journaling.