By halfway through the humble lunch she’d provided,

Miss Muffet was already in quite a flustered state.

That morning there’d been a spider, and she’d sat down beside it

Unknowingly, then noticed and spilled her curds and whey.

Not long after that little variation on a theme,

Her guests had arrived en masse.

They’d crowded into her cottage as one being

And greeted the scantily-appointed table with polite liars’ gasps.

Just a few bites in, the conversation commenced

With Fox declaring he’d come that day for ‘trust reciprocity’.

He was running for office, and, why, they all knew what that meant:

More for him and less for them! (given his history of hypocrisy).

Cat, who was Fox’s political opponent, cleared his throat and held on forth,

Calling ‘trust reciprocity’ a hoax he’d foil, a nefarious subterfuge.

Then the two candidates debated head-to-head in a blurry flurry of words

Most of which nobody else present had ever before heard of or used.

“Enough!” barked Dog, and, “Hear hear” agreed Bird,

And everybody got up and got out.

This left a sad Miss Muffet to do the dirty work

With her pretty face in a pout.

Prompted by The Sunday Whirl wordle below.