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  • *Sips seawater*
    submitted by /u/datwanlulu [link] [comments]
  • Does fruit grow back on trees after you shake them off?
    submitted by /u/LittleSunFlower98 [link] [comments]
  • I just made Haley and Abegail 🥰🥰 ooppss forgot abegail's ribbon tho 😆
    submitted by /u/BunnyBheb [link] [comments]
  • Using my Cricut machine I made some spooky stickers! Halloween can’t come fast enough
    submitted by /u/kisscutcrafts [link] [comments]
  • Looks like someone else in my apartment complex plays Stardew too!
    submitted by /u/MrWykydtron [link] [comments]
  • My boi is sleeping on bed with me tonight, wish he does this everynight.
    submitted by /u/richwtf [link] [comments]
  • I love that you can put hats on your children
    submitted by /u/glitterstixa [link] [comments]
  • This is a picture of my character that my sister drew and a picture of my character on the right. (I usually wear a fedora in the game)
    submitted by /u/nonmememaster1 [link] [comments]
  • How do I level up combat?
    I have been playing in the mines and in the sewer to try to level up my combat (currently level 7) but I feel like it is taking years to make progress! Is this normal or is there anything else I can do to level up quicker? Thanks submitted by /u/ilovebunnies321 [link] [comments]
  • Second diamond I fish
    submitted by /u/Gadulf [link] [comments]
  • What the daftest/unluckiest thing to happen to you on Stardew Valley?
    I'll start with my complete idiot brain: I dug up and Ancient Seed in Spring 2 Year 1. Literally two days in. With my excitement I donated it to museum and received my first ever Ancient Seed to plant and grow. So I did. Slept overnight after planting and watering it. Game saved. Day 3. A crow took it. I didn't think at all until waiting until the first parsnips could be harvested so my farming could level up so I could make a scarecrow. 🤡 submitted by /u/-Glitter-Herpes- [link] [comments]
  • Pain.png
    submitted by /u/GamingBotanist [link] [comments]
  • Surely it can’t be just me that sees it as Gus with his tongue out?
    submitted by /u/PopperDilly [link] [comments]
  • Stardew Organiser/Notebook Template for GoodNotes - Suggestions and Interest
    I’m thinking of creating a collection of templates for a handy Stardew notebook/organiser for GoodNotes or other notebook apps (or they could be printed and used as hard copies). The collection would include pages such as: - a log for each time you play to record what you did and what tasks need doing next - an overall goal breakdown of one goal and all the sub tasks that need doing to reach that goal e.g. the overall goal may be to create a keg shed and the sub tasks might be to collect x amount of wood or create x amount of tappers to collect oak resin to make the kegs. Would anyone be interested in this kind of thing and does anyone have any suggestions for other pages they’d find useful? (Inspired by a post I saw a while back discussing how some people keep diaries/notebooks to keep track of what their current in-game goals are so they can refer back to them the next time they play etc.) Edit: rearranged text submitted by /u/nebulouspeach [link] [comments]
  • New to modding
    hello, im only intrested in the mods that help make the quality of life in the game better, like the U.I info suite. If u guys could give me similar mods, and tell me the risks of using mods..etc and im playing with friends rn does the U.I info suite affect them if i use it? Thank youu submitted by /u/TheYoungThug [link] [comments]
  • Fruit trees unable to grow?
    submitted by /u/b00ty_water [link] [comments]
  • Best Place to Fish Each Season?
    submitted by /u/Oakleaf30 [link] [comments]
  • I Illustrated My First Time Getting Giant Crop
    submitted by /u/AkiyaP [link] [comments]
  • Starting on mobile
    I played some time (some time means for SV players every day and few months) on my notebook i have home and feels like I have no time to play (Even i must pay almost all the time on a way to school or you know "IN SCHOOL" i have school pretty far away so plenty time in bus or train I decide to move to mobile with smapi emulator (Zaneyorks) and have everything working XD I have some mods from pc (basically copy/paste from pc to phone and see what work) ContentPatcher Seasonal Cute Characters AdoptSkin (Skin change doesnt seems to work) Automate (I trying to not connect everything (complex machines) just basic stuffs like furnaces and so on) AutomaticGates BetterSlingshots (Must have for pc - Idk how it work for mobile right now) BetterWorkbenches (Another MUST HAVE) BillboardAnywher (Get to work with buttons in inventory) NPCMapLocation Level Up Notifications NonDestructiveNPCs RentedTools ToolCharging Sprint Sprint (I get this to work by choose "Toggle and set another key with VirtualKeyboard) SB_PotC (Part of the Community with reduced affect on friendship) HappyBirthday FastAnimations (Basically just for eating and with reduced other by /4) NightOwl (Deciding if keep or not) LookupAnything (Dont seems to work but everybody says it work for android) ThreeHeartDancePartner (<3) CJBCheatsMenu and CJBItemSpawner (Just for testing) My question is what do you thing about my mods and if you know some must have for mobile (Not immerse/lore breaking like new npcs, items or locations (i can look if you send me but i think i am not interested) and if you know some just made for android it will be great I really dont like joystick and tap to walk so really love to controll with buttons like in MCPE (or another alternative controll) if you know it will be one BIG ❤ for you (even tried connect my small keyboard with OTG -dont work) -Sorry for english (not my native language) I can totally understand and maybe speak but write is pretty difficult (not using translat. or grammar app) Hello from Czechia! submitted by /u/Karbantms [link] [comments]
  • My favorites hobbies reunited : Best birthday gift ever !!
    submitted by /u/bameliie [link] [comments]
  • Is it possible that Dwarf Scroll I might be missing from my game?
    I found scrolls 2, 3, and 4 all around the same time, in the summer. It’s winter now and still no scroll 1. Am I doing something wrong? Could it be missing? submitted by /u/KamikazeT0aster [link] [comments]
  • I think I ran into a bug
    So there's an infamous glitch in stardew known as the miscarriage glitch, which has appeared on this subreddit from time to time. Basically, if you're expecting a baby and pass out in the mines, the baby never comes. Does this glitch appear with adopted babies? Because Abigail and I are waiting on one, and I just passed out in the quarry submitted by /u/Booklover4211 [link] [comments]
  • (spoiler!!) i made a page in my journal for the last bundle i need to complete 🙂
    submitted by /u/cryptic-curses [link] [comments]
  • Oh, hey George. Sleeping in your chair I see
    submitted by /u/FlyingHurts [link] [comments]
  • Void or regular mayonnaise?
    I'm confused about which is more profitable, having a normal chicken or a void chicken. A gold star regular mayo goes for more than void mayo, which doesn't get stars at all. Has anyone calculated the difference between the two chickens and the two products in terms of which is more profitable given the time required? Extra money to buy a void chicken isn't a consideration because I can just hatch them. Any info would be appreciated. submitted by /u/ninosht [link] [comments]
  • 19F, I'm from the Philippines (Modded or Not Modded)
    PC | Modded or not both are okay. | shared money if modded Looking for other players! I wanted to start another farm and I want to try the Multiplayer one!! Thank you! Message me if you're interested. But we'll start from Scratch. You can choose any farm Layout. submitted by /u/wanuh [link] [comments]
  • 18F/GMT +3/PC (not modded).
    Looking for people to play with regularly, I'm new to the game but I think I got the hang of it. I play it on pc without mods. submitted by /u/BlurpBlurps [link] [comments]
  • 25F/PC/Standard/EST
    I've never played in a co-op before, but I'd love to meet new people and try it out 🙂 I live in EST and will be playing for the rest of the day. A brand new standard farm, with shared money and 75% or 50% margins. PM me and we can coordinate. I also used mods. submitted by /u/mishoof95 [link] [comments]
  • 14M/PC/Four corners/Looking to play a casual game/EST
    My discord is Darth_Nihilus #8452, I've played stardew before and am fairly comfortable with the game, I'll be using the UI info mod, and the farm would be starting from scratch. I would prefer if we shared the money but 50% is also fine. submitted by /u/ballteotnet36 [link] [comments]
  • 21F/GMT -6/ Wanting to start a new farm with mods. 18+ only
    I’m wanting to start a shared funds standard type farm with someone who loves the game. I’m a college student so I’m just looking to spend only 1-3 hours each session depending on the day to release stress. I want to play with someone around my age and who’s mature and loves the game. I’m hoping for someone around the same time zone as well. Also, I don’t go crazy on the mods either, I only use the tractor mod and CJB cheats menu to increase my running speed. I’m open to trying other mods too, but I don’t like to generate money or spawn items. submitted by /u/Fridah98 [link] [comments]
  • 30/F/PST/PC Looking for someone around my age to play Stardew Valley!
    I have never played co-op. Im free every night from 7pm to midnight. I'd rather share money together. Feel free to message me here or on discord otterlaw15#7838. submitted by /u/mrscoulter2 [link] [comments]
  • 21/M/GMT/PC Looking for someone to join me on a new Stardew Farm. Must be wanting to play a decent amount please!
    I've tried co-op stardew with many people but in the end all have ultimately dropped out/not fully committed. Looking for a friend to play Stardew with me from start to finish! I've played up to the middle of year 2 so have some decent experience. On the weekdays i'm free between 5pm-12pm and on weekends most of the day. Looking to play a couple of hours a day (only whilst we can both play) so please be committed! Not sure what the best farm is but i'd want it to either be standard, forest or four corners. Money Together. My discord is Rhizm#2880. Thank you 🙂 submitted by /u/Razor-Leaf [link] [comments]
  • Switch, 17M, Looking for people to play a casual game with
    I've never done multiplayer before and I'm a pretty casual gamer so I just want to go with the flow. I'm looking for 3 people around my age (16-19) who are available to play any time after 12pm est. We probably would have separate money, and use the four corners layout. You can contact me via discord zesty.#6210 I'd prefer to vc, but I don't mind using the chat. submitted by /u/ceilingtitties [link] [comments]
  • Looking for people to play stardew online and make some good friend! ( Nintendo switch only )
    No rush but we don't had to share money. I repost this if you want to play online just add me on switch. My friend code is SW-4401-2689-8018 submitted by /u/Spooopynoodle45 [link] [comments]
  • Any chance to play Stardew Valley online ( for the switch )
    Dose anyone want a small chance to play stardew valley on the switch online with me. My friend is SW-4401-2689-8018 I don't really had..friend with it on the switch. submitted by /u/Spooopynoodle45 [link] [comments]
  • 28F looking to make a PC group to play with! EST
    It doesn't matter to me if we use mods or not, but I'm hoping to find at least one other person to play Stardew Valley with! I have over 400 hours solo, but haven't really gotten to play multiplayer with anyone yet. I would like to be able to voice chat with you, and was thinking we could start a new farm together. Maybe four corners if we get enough people? submitted by /u/Jekka28 [link] [comments]
  • [Switch] 31/M - Looking for a partner to try to complete the community center in year one.
    I tried to do the year one community center challenge before but never got the damn red cabbage from the merchant. I'd like to try again, but figured it would be more fun with a partner. Don't really care too much about layout or money. So let me know if you're interested and we can exchange friend codes! submitted by /u/TheLegendOfRemy [link] [comments]
  • 16M, Xbox, EU looking for someone to start a new farm w/
    Add me on DC Matttt#4628. I want to start a new farm on xbox platform. submitted by /u/Matt1231512 [link] [comments]
  • Looking to play some stardew valley with people on switch
    Hi (17M) looking for a group of 3 other people to join me in starting a new stardew valley farm we will do shared money and discuss what kind of farm we want to do we will be useing discord to communicate preferably people that can vc but if you cant that's fine message me one discord if your interested sebatian1122#9252 submitted by /u/sebatian1122 [link] [comments]
  • PC, 13F, EST, Looking for anyone close to my age to make multiplayer game in a new farm.
    Whatever farm layout you prefer but Im used to the standard one. I don’t really care about the money so you can decide. If the money IS separate, default margins. No mods. And you can message me in here or on discord: SadieG#3241 I can play anytime after 12 PM on the weekends and 2 weekdays. submitted by /u/SadieGarcia378 [link] [comments]
  • Looking for a fun group
    Username is Cats4change on Steam (PC) im looking to join a group of 3 others (4 in total including me) on a four corners farm ( i like to be on the right bottom) separate funds, default profits margin, no mods ( i only use cosmetic mods to change colors of buildings) Dm me on discord Cats_4_Change#4823 i also prefer the pet to be the grey cat my timezone is EST and i play in the evenings submitted by /u/cats_4_change [link] [comments]
  • 31M / PS4 / New Farm. New farm with money for fun
    Hello. I'm new to this reddit and I've been looking to play with ppl. Looking for 18+ in age with mic. I wanna make a farm with added money just for fun. Spend happy! Interested? Hmu please. submitted by /u/SwiftBoy3000 [link] [comments]
  • 21F, PC, CEST time zone, would love someone to play with frequently, with or without mods.
    EDIT: 1 person joined so far, we're doing 4 corners without mods. 2 more players are highly wanted. Hello! I'm Avalon, I'm from Norway, currently studying from home. I have 2 cats and my main hobby is collecting fountain pens. 😁 I really love this game but I prefer multiplayer and most of my irl friends are only mildly interested. 😅 I currently play with mods that remove the fishing mini game and fence decay, as well as the multiple spouses mod, but I'm willing to play without mods or try new ones, especially those that expand the game. I'd like for money to be together and to use discord to communicate. 4 players would be lovely and we could do frequent, pre-planned gaming sessions. Any farm layout is fine, I would love to try four corners though. Any age/gender is welcome, long as you are friendly and able to commit to plans ahead of time. (And don't "troll" or whatever when we play.) submitted by /u/TheNovelleFive [link] [comments]
  • PS4 LF help upgrading guest house
    (Platform Ps4) I have a guest house I'd like to upgrade on my mushroom/slime farm. I'm at endgame so i have all the materials. I'd be happy to return the favor or help out with whatever. I'm an older guy btw. Psn turtle091 submitted by /u/deadTURTLExx [link] [comments]
  • 30M est Pc, Xbox, switch. Starting a new mp farm!
    (closed) thanks everyone! No mods preferred. Looking for vanilla, and any layout is fine. I like the idea of sharing the money because then we are both excited on harvesting day!! I don't mind however if you'd like to do it separately. I would also like to do the default profit margin as I'm still new and I find the game kinda hard already lol. Ok, so I'm new to stardew. I've made it to summer twice (two separate files) but I really wanna beat the game. I'm looking for someone who is also new, or even an experienced stardew player to help me do it! I would like to hang out in VC. Unless you're not a fan, which is fine. Send me a message and we can exchange friend codes and or discords. Stay safe everyone! submitted by /u/Sgt_Kingsman [link] [comments]
  • PC or PS4, down for some stardew co-op, pretty flexible hours, standard, together, CST
    Played the game a bunch but love starting over seeing how fast I can't get things done. Just looking for people to chill with and enjoy this great game. Feel free to DM me discord/steam/PS4 info to play. Default, PS4, or PC. standard, together, no mods. submitted by /u/superjumpcancel [link] [comments]
  • Stardew valley
    I want to play stardew valley mp new farm or old farm I don’t care my friend code for switch is 6651 7680 3905 add me money can be shred or not it dose not matter layout u can pick we can use the chat in stardew valley o ye on switch I play like a Lot so ya submitted by /u/Makaizer87 [link] [comments]
  • 24F EST PC player.
    Hi I really love the game, but I don't have any friend who feel the same and I would love to take advantage of the co-op mode. I work overnight so I'm awake most of the time. if you DM me Ill send you a link to the Discord link so we can link up and play. I would like to play the 4 Corners with split money with default profit margin. I don't have any mods on my particular file but I am open to using them. submitted by /u/Pandacakes62151 [link] [comments]
  • Switch Player EST 27F
    Hiya! I’ve never played mp in stardew before, but I don’t have any friends who play it irl and wanted to give it a try. I would prefer adults in my age group, and I’m open to joining or hosting. I would prefer to try the new 4 corners layout. Idc/idk about the money situation or other mp things. Discord would be cool but not necessary. I’m on the east coast but I am usually up at all hours of the day. Lemme know if anyone is interested! Thx !! submitted by /u/Sammm011 [link] [comments]
  • PS4 EDT 18+
    I’m just looking for some casual players. I flip flop between this and another game so I don’t play everyday, but when I do play I normally play it for long period of time lol. I want to start from scratch with 4 people. We wouldn’t be sharing money. I’d prefer you had a mic, thanks for reading! submitted by /u/theopener540 [link] [comments]
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