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  • Today’s Harvest 🧡
    submitted by /u/jaipi_gbrtn [link] [comments]
  • Can someone break down for me what fishy(s) I need? I'm having issues. First time not selling out to joja.
    submitted by /u/Joya_Sedai [link] [comments]
  • Can someone break down for me what fishy(s) I need? I'm having issues. First time not selling out to joja.
    submitted by /u/Joya_Sedai [link] [comments]
  • Can someone break down for me what fishy(s) I need? I'm having issues. First time not selling out to joja.
    submitted by /u/Joya_Sedai [link] [comments]
  • Hello!
    Hi guys! Long time lurker, first time poster, also on mobile so if there is any formatting errors I apologize! Anyways, I decided I was tired of playing Stardew Valley vanilla so I installed SMAPI, as well as an item spawner mod. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to suggest other mods for me to install as well? Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions! submitted by /u/chelsey_bell99 [link] [comments]
  • is there any way to delete my friend's temporary character in my world?
    My friend wanted to visit my world, so I opened my world to multiplayer and he created a character for a one-time use. However, even now that he left and the world is singleplayer again, his character name is still in my social tab. I was wondering if there was any way to get rid of this. It's not a big deal at all, but I'd just prefer if it wasn't there. submitted by /u/sneklyn [link] [comments]
  • probably a question as old as time
    has anyone found a fix for deleted save files? me and my co-op partner spent 11 hours today and made it through our first year getting our bearings for this game because we just bought it, and we thought that the save files were done deleting but they did it again and we were in spring of year 2. submitted by /u/LandonPlaysGames [link] [comments]
  • Uhm... Sebastian?
  • Slime outside the wall, had to restart from floor 110
    submitted by /u/littlechuck664 [link] [comments]
  • Um...Leah you forgot something
    submitted by /u/tiamota [link] [comments]
  • I mean they're not wrong.
    submitted by /u/Thommu11 [link] [comments]
  • Cant see items in co-op farm
    So my friend and i have this co-op farm and every now and then i go into the farm alone(im the host) just to do some small things and recently i bought an item(the auto picker for the barn) while he was not there. Later in the day when we both logged on and he could not see the item i purchased in the barn and he still cant see it after multiple days. Ive been wondering why it is this way and im a little uneasy about it. Thanks in advance. submitted by /u/naboss1 [link] [comments]
  • Is the Copper axe Strong enough to break hardwood? Thank you!
    submitted by /u/BluePanda7415 [link] [comments]
  • Hi guys, the night market started today for me and the deep sea submarine looked pretty cool but it costs 1000g. Is it worth it? Thank you!
    submitted by /u/BluePanda7415 [link] [comments]
  • Finally finished year one Master Angler!
    submitted by /u/dooksgames [link] [comments]
  • So here is my Year 2 farm! It ain't much, but it's honest work!
    submitted by /u/PapaGonzie [link] [comments]
  • TIL if you put something in a seed maker in the green house and then walk around on the wood “path” in there, your seeds will be done when you return!
    I’ve played for over 350 hours and I love finding these random details. I usually just stand by and distract myself with my phone while it processes. Today my phone was dead and I was pacing in the game. Then I made the loop and it was almost perfect! Made my day! submitted by /u/YouCanCallMeQueenB [link] [comments]
  • Probably the dumbest question, but how do I fix my preserves jars?
    I'm to the stage in the hane where I have the cellar and a crap tone of preserves jars(40). I was trying to fill all of them, but I was only able to fill 4 and 2 were from like a while back. Is this a normal problem where you're only allowed so many full or? Wont lie, I only recently just picked the game back up because the person I was playing with bailed. But last time we played I could fill all of them. submitted by /u/jashinsama404 [link] [comments]
  • Ancient seeds: Could these still grow?
    submitted by /u/ilikedeadthingz [link] [comments]
  • They're taunting me 😦
    submitted by /u/GiftedContractor [link] [comments]
  • With the free time cornavirus gave me, I made a video review of Stardew Valley!
    It's fifteen minutes, took me two months, and overall is, I feel, not crap. Tell me what you think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pryScxKlmZQ submitted by /u/JunkYardMob [link] [comments]
  • Huh??
    submitted by /u/Erectssean [link] [comments]
  • (Spoilers) About Linus
    I know there is an option to invite Linus to live on the farm, but he does not accept because he enjoys living out in nature by himself. While this does make sense, I think it would be better if Linus actually wanted to move to the farm. Over the course of the game, the player could build their friendship with Linus, and Linus would occasionally drop hints about wanting to have a family and a home. Then, the player would invite Linus, and Robin would build him a nice cabin. Having Linus on the farm would be a nice addition to the player’s family, along with a husband/wife and kids. Linus’ story would come full circle, and he could live a happy life on a peaceful farm. submitted by /u/cats-in-boots [link] [comments]
  • All Crystal Fruit :3
    submitted by /u/Joya_Sedai [link] [comments]
  • Restore deleted world on iPad! Please help!
    My daughter accidentally deleted her favorite"world" on the iPad version of the game. She is devastated. Is there any way to restore that game? I'm not ios savvy at all. Please help! iOS version 12.4.6. Edited: add iOS version submitted by /u/woodmaster6000 [link] [comments]
  • Hi! I would love to form a group to play on the days where I'm by myself.
    Hi! I'm Harold looking for people to play with on switch or pc ( steam.) If anyone is interested message me, we can discuss settings, I would love to make something beautiful and creative! Shoot me a friend code message or your steam please! submitted by /u/fuzzyprince [link] [comments]
  • Looking for teens to join a chill SVE farm on PC
    Looking for people ages 14-17 to join a SVE farm on PC. The game is very chill and we'll just play whenever people feel like it. All spots are open and I don't do voice chat. if you're interested let me know. ​ g_hutch#2950 is my discord submitted by /u/buzzlightyearsr [link] [comments]
  • Ps4 looking to start a new co-op save haven’t played yet
    13m ps4:scullcursher709 submitted by /u/scullcrusher709 [link] [comments]
  • PC/Steam, Chilling, 20M, Trying to improve language
    Hi there! \ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ/ Looking 4 friends to play together with voice chat. I'm not native speaker of english or german and trying to improve my speaking skills (could speak both of them, not fluently tho (*^.^*)) . I've played this game like 40 hours, couldn't improve so much. Also I've never tried mods. UTC +3 discord: dantestheearl#0151 submitted by /u/dantestheearl [link] [comments]
  • Switch / 14 Trans Male / EST/ looking for co-op player :3
    Message me with the same general info and your name and pronouns (lgbt+ perferrable but otherwise is fine!) Discord: Snail_Eyebrows #0212 Insta: @moonlightian Skype: Moonlighthhh Or just here on Reddit through DMs submitted by /u/MoonlightIan [link] [comments]
  • Vanilla and Chill 🌿 Enjoy the Valley GMT+8
    Hey wanna play, enjoy the music and talk? Just play the game with no worries of making progress lets play slow and do the things you enjoy doing. Let's play at the Valley and escape reality 🌃 DISCORD ID : Jamess#2212 STEAM ID: 186049678 CABIN SLOTS: 2 M21 submitted by /u/alphajames19 [link] [comments]
  • Looking for Stardew Valley Switch players for Co-op
    I know a lot of people have the pc version but that isn't currently available to me and none of my irl friends have it I'm looking for some people who would be willing to start a new map with me and just have fun! I'm willing to friend you I switch and even give a form of communication like discord to make a chat if players would like. Please comment below if you would like to play I live in eastern standard time just incase that's a factor to consider. Map info: Four corner probably for organization Pet is undecided we can discuss together Farm name is also undecided Seperate money so we don't have to get upset. I'm willing to change my marriage option if anyone wants them instead. Discord: BlueEevee(Vaniville) #6709 submitted by /u/BlueEevee17 [link] [comments]
  • (24m) Xbox player looking for casual co-op
    I work most days from 8-11 so I'll be on mostly during the mornings (est). I'm by no means a veteran farmer but I know my way around. submitted by /u/SpookyBear96 [link] [comments]
  • 17m looking for friends on pc
    I want help on my farm and just generally need friends to play with. My only request would be to not touch the chests by my house and to leave stuff in chests when you log off, and to not sell any of my animals. Must be LGBT friendly, and preferably 16-19. Thanks. :> submitted by /u/honey-and-bees [link] [comments]
  • Looking for people to play possibly more than one time
    I'm 17M and I don't mind who you are I'm just here to chill and play Time: CST Platform: PC Pm if interested 🙂 PS I have the sve mod if you don't have it I'll turn them off submitted by /u/ShadowMC1000 [link] [comments]
  • Heya, I’m 15F (EST) and looking for one or two people of a similar age playing on Switch to start a co-op save!
    Since I’ve been out of school I’ve been playing Stardew Valley a lot more, and I need to socialize more anyways, so I figured I may as well have some fun with co-op! As said, I’m looking for a few people near enough to my age to play with. (Especially LGBTQ+ like myself would be awesome, but of course doesn’t matter). My time zone is EST, so just send me a dm through reddit and we can maybe exchange discord’s instead! I was thinking shared budget, maybe on the four corners map with normal profit margin. Of course this can be changed, but it was my original thought process. Whoever can host, we can figure it out when we get there. Comment or dm me if you’re up for it! 🙂 submitted by /u/A-Ghost-Ate-My-Pants [link] [comments]
  • Looking for people to play on the 4 corners map with!
    As the title shows, I'm looking for some peeps to play with, I've played a bit of stardew but havent gotton to try multiplayer. My steam ID is Spectrum with kind of a space themed looking profile picture feel free to add me! submitted by /u/spectrum51 [link] [comments]
  • stardew servers on switch
    i am on nintendo switch looking for anyone ( preferably part of the lgtbq+ community but you don’t have to be ) to just chill with and play the game with you can add my discord and message me if you wanna do it submitted by /u/the_gayest_demon [link] [comments]
  • PS4 | 16f | Looking for some people to do co-op.
    I'm on usually around 11 pm EST. I was thinking to start a new farm, perhaps the four corners with shared money. I can host, or not, doesn't matter. Three new people would be great. Also, someone around my age would be nice, but it's alright if not! submitted by /u/KingdomMinded_ [link] [comments]
  • LF Girl Pc Players !
    PC - CST LF Teenage gaaaaaals to join me in Stardew! I wanna start a new game, and you don't have to be amazing to play w me since I'm not amazing myself~ xD (When I say teenage I mean like 14-16) Hmu if you're interested! I hope we can all marry our dream NPCS ~ submitted by /u/HarajukuTododorki [link] [comments]
  • Relaaax
    16F, Im new in this game and would like to enjoy it with friends! Someone around my age would be cool, not younger tho 🙂 im on pc btw ! add my discord! : M00N#6428 submitted by /u/AlyTaBee [link] [comments]
  • Looking for people to play with on PC, EST
    Looking for 1-2 people to play with. I have been wanting to stream my games for a while and decided my favorite game would be my first...so who wants to play? We can make a little contest in game or just do a casual play. I can play for a few hours everyday or just a few days a week if you prefer. We can talk about all the details more if you would like to play with me. Hope to meet some great people who also love the game experienced or new 🙂 submitted by /u/-LamaDrama- [link] [comments]
  • 16m Ltp stardew valley on pc
    i have no freinds with this game or in general so hmu if u want to play, my discord is Casin0va#4750. also around my age would be coolio submitted by /u/Casin0va7 [link] [comments]
  • Nintendo switch
    I'm looking for people who are okay with playing on Nintendo Switch. submitted by /u/y0uRm0mgay1234 [link] [comments]
  • 23m looking for players to start a farm with
    Looking for players on ps4 to start a farm with because im bored of single player builds submitted by /u/ImHisSugerDaddy [link] [comments]
  • 20F Looking for people to play with on PC/Steam. GMT+1 Will DM Discord
    Hey, I miss playing with friends, venturing into the mine etc. etc submitted by /u/FlutterGirl22 [link] [comments]
  • Looking for pc friends!
    I have gotten every achievement on ps4 and i just bought Stardew for pc and i wanna play with friends! my discord is (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ o l i v e r ♥#5160 im est btw submitted by /u/weebv [link] [comments]
  • PC
    I just want to have a good time playing the game with someone.. please be between 15-21, im 18. Looking for a long term game play partner (also im a newbie). (my timezone is GMT+3) submitted by /u/eda_dx7 [link] [comments]
  • 15M looking for anyone to play on PC. GMT +1
    My Discord tag is dobanyb#4280 And my Steam name is dohanybolt (my profile pic is Light from Death Note) submitted by /u/Dohanybolt [link] [comments]
  • 20M looking for SDV partner PS4
    I'm pretty shy and anti-social so talking isn't a MUST, I'm hoping to get into the multiplayer marriage system and whatnot as well so preferably a female companion, still not a requirement. Just really bored and haven't ever got anyone active to play with. If interested PSN is SavageGang_Zer0 submitted by /u/SavageGang_Zer0 [link] [comments]
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