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  • We got married today ♥
    submitted by /u/Hiyokoh [link] [comments]
  • Thank you Concerned Ape for the Training Rod!
    I no longer have to use easy fishing mods to git gud at fishing. The Training Rod is a great addition to the game. submitted by /u/GardeningChef009 [link] [comments]
  • To day is Subassmen's birth day (10 winter) Happy birthday you little frog boy
    submitted by /u/athinachann [link] [comments]
  • (Spoiler!) What in the world is this? Or rather, how come I can't find anything about it on the wiki?
    submitted by /u/Otterclaw29 [link] [comments]
  • How do I get my sword back?
    So I was in the cave, trying to complete the adventurers guild quest. I had 9/10 slimes, then died and lost my sword. Is there a way to get it back? submitted by /u/Octendo [link] [comments]
  • Bait not working with fiberglass rod on PC?
    Hi all, I used to be able to equip bait to my fiberglass rod, but now I am no longer able to. I tried googling my problem and using the steam message board, but no luck. I do not currently have any bait equipped to my rod either. Any suggestions? submitted by /u/stratthixx [link] [comments]
  • Christmas card I made for one of my friends 😊
    submitted by /u/j0rtle [link] [comments]
  • Running Speed Glitch after 1.4 Not Working
    So I used to use this glitch to zip around my farm, skull tavern, etc. It was the only reason I kept a slime hutch on my farm. However, ever since the 1.4 update I can't seem to activate the glitch again. I checked the 1.4 bugfix patch but it doesn't say anything about this glitch. It's a fun glitch, never locked me out of the game, so I would be surprised if it was removed. Is anyone else having trouble with this? P.S. I know that you can mod speed but personally I like to avoid mods when I can. submitted by /u/Hijinkx92 [link] [comments]
  • I finally started this game.
    I've always been nervous about starting to play, because I get overwhelmed easily, and there is so many things to be doing. My wife finally talked me into spending some real time in the game, and we've been playing together all day. It's unreal just how much fun this is to us, and it's really neat to see how our relationship plays into it. She was giggling like crazy over the Egg Festival hunt, and we managed to tie and both get the hat. I'm gonna be spending a lot of time on this one. submitted by /u/water_and_pixels [link] [comments]
  • The normal mines have a chance of changing when you complete the Quarry mine.
    submitted by /u/Garzevogghg [link] [comments]
  • Nice...
    submitted by /u/bl8catcher [link] [comments]
  • [Android] How can i install mods in android?
    I used SMAPI but when i launch it after the installation it crashes (i don't have smapi in the SD card) submitted by /u/MeganicPM [link] [comments]
  • My boyfriend asked me in marriage!!
    submitted by /u/Hiyokoh [link] [comments]
  • What is this area to the right of the Dwarf??
    submitted by /u/iamateenagemale [link] [comments]
  • Questions about competitive multiplayer?
    With the new 4 corners map and independent money I was wanting to start a friendly competitive farm with a friend? I was wondering if anyone had any ideas suggestions for this? The most obvious thing to measure is money. but my friend brought the idea up of who can get married/ have more max heart relationships. Has anyone else tried something similar to this? submitted by /u/WanderingSnail [link] [comments]
  • Stardew Valley Review: 3 Years Later
    submitted by /u/cogdotcom [link] [comments]
  • I've put 215 hours or so into Stardew Valley on the Switch across 3 save files. Today I completed the Community Centre for the first time on Fall Day 2 in Year 2.
    submitted by /u/shatteredmatt [link] [comments]
  • Frustration with Modding!
    I bought the PC version of Stardew Valley today after having the switch version pretty much since it was released. I've been trying to mod it for two hours now and nothing is working. I have SMAPI installed and I'm using nexus mods with vortex mod manager. I have uninstalled and reinstalled SMAPI and made sure Steam was correct. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated! submitted by /u/ValiantValchory [link] [comments]
  • Coincidentally lined up the dates, Pam's gonna be trashed.
    submitted by /u/Send_me_ETH_plz [link] [comments]
  • Racking my brain for poster ideas for my last con of 2019, kinda lost it...
    submitted by /u/Selanpike [link] [comments]
  • Just lost all my money...
    Started a new play through on my mac after the new update. I'm on day 23 of winter and just lost all my money. The only thing I have is the money I made in the shipping box. Anyone know what happened? submitted by /u/sharkbait1387 [link] [comments]
  • Help pleaseee
    I’m trying to rearrange furniture on the Switch, and I can’t seem to get a hang of it. Like I really wanna move my bed now that I upgraded my house and have it in the middle of the room instead of to the side. Does anyone have any tips for how I can move furniture on the Nintendo Switch in Stardew? submitted by /u/Pottergirl9128 [link] [comments]
  • Saw someone else do this and couldn’t resist
    submitted by /u/scamanders [link] [comments]
  • How do you make aesthetic farm?
    I have been playing Stardew a lot for quite some time, but... only when I came across this sub I realized so many people had such beautiful farms... and I’m so lost in how to make a good layout, how to put down crops, how many of each to do. I have been just winging it placing crops as they go, not even using fences and making my animals free roam the farm. But I also want a beautiful farm now! Please help. submitted by /u/RedPolarFox [link] [comments]
  • What do you think of my farm design
    submitted by /u/ThomasBuchan05 [link] [comments]
  • 24/M/PST. New farm on XBOX
    Looking to start a new farm with some others. Just looking for fun with new friends and wanting to explore the game together. Message me on here or on Xbox if you’re interested! GT is IMightBFat submitted by /u/gwwhite [link] [comments]
  • I want to try out Multiplayer (CST)
    I haven't tried multiplayer yet so I just wanna casually check it out. just and easy going farm. My discord is melloyello#6383 submitted by /u/the_trinitrash [link] [comments]
  • PS4 M26 US Central TM. Looking for Co-Op.
    Im pretty busy during the day work/school and game during the evening/night depending on my schedule the next day. so if you game during odd hours or evenings let me know! Id love to start a world ill be off for the next 2 days too so ill definately hop on if someone is down to play. PSN: xBodhi submitted by /u/xBodhi [link] [comments]
  • Wanting to try out co-op (EST, PC)
    I want to try out the co-op mode and I am looking for a couple of people to join me. submitted by /u/Hot4Gray [link] [comments]
  • Wanna do a Stardew Valley RP?
    Ok so I'm doing a 4 horseman RP thing where, while they wait for the apocalypse, they just start a farm together. I'm Grim (death) so I just need the other 3 War, Famine and Pestilence. I’m from England. I have been playing for a week on the steam version, but I only just started summer. I'm a sort of noob on the pc version. Oh and no Mods. My Steam name is Kai_Burner. submitted by /u/Kai_Burner [link] [comments]
    Hi everyone! I am looking for some people to start a new multiplayer server which will be mostly focused on fishing. We would, of course, do other things that we'll have to do in the game but mostly sell fish. if interested that's my discord: viperstar#6734 submitted by /u/viper_star [link] [comments]
  • Looking for friends to start a four corners map. [PC] (GMT+1) 20+
    Hi all, i'm searching for people/friends to start a new four corners map that are 20 years old or older to keep it mature but still goofy and fun. I'll be streaming the whole time while we would be playing the map. If intrested add me on Discord: Sphex#5711 submitted by /u/Sphexzor [link] [comments]
  • Looking for someone to play EU time
    Hi, Im looking someone to play with me PC. +18, with discord. Im play like 3-4 hours a day so feel free to pm me I'd like to create new village 🙂 Its my steam id: https://s.team/p/ndr-gfnd/pgqnbnwr Feel free to add: ) submitted by /u/Winters13377 [link] [comments]
  • Does anyone want to join an Aussie player?
    I was wondering if anyone wanted to join a Stardew Valley game with me. I am using steam and PC, so if you want to, I am in Victoria (at the time of posting it's 3:30 rn) and I can send you my steam and join code on reddit. It will be pretty new, and there won't be mods. We can use discord if u want to, but not required. submitted by /u/JH1448 [link] [comments]
  • PC Multiplayer
    Would anyone like to join? I am in the US submitted by /u/ThebigChen [link] [comments]
  • Switch coop?
    Anyone want to join me and just play casually? submitted by /u/snortnips [link] [comments]
  • Farm with a few mods (YEAR 1 but a lot of stuff)
    Im on steam and my IGN is 'Everlee~'. Friend me or in comments ask me how to let u join 😛 submitted by /u/TemmieIsGood [link] [comments]
  • PC Modded Farm fresh start.
    Hi everyone, I haven't played in a hot second but I am looking to get back into the game again. I am hoping to find some people or person to play some modded Stardew with. I haven't decided on the mod list yet who ever decides to play can help with choosing which we use. The only things I ask is you have discord so we can chat over mic as we play and that you be over 18. I hope to hear from you. Sean submitted by /u/Seanaat [link] [comments]
  • Stardew Vally Multiplayer [Xbox, EST]
    Looking for 2 players for a stardew Vally farm, Dm me Your Gamertag and I'll invite you submitted by /u/ArkTheGamerFur [link] [comments]
  • Nintendo Switch
    I'd like to try co-op on the Switch if anyone has room on thier farm. Friend code: SW-1563-3210-0738 submitted by /u/Misty-Air [link] [comments]
  • Come to my farm 😄
    if anyone want to join my farm welcome submitted by /u/saja_135 [link] [comments]
  • Stardew Valley coop switch
    If you want to coop, add me SW-5252-0465-4332 submitted by /u/blakeelisa [link] [comments]
  • M24(IST): Trying out co-op in Stardew Valley
    Hi All! I have started playing Stardew Valley recently(1.4). I was wondering whether anyone would like to add me as a co-op member. My steam/discord account name is 'humbleFool209. I normally play on weekends (GMT 14.00 onwards) and weekdays (GMT 16.00 onwards). Cheers! submitted by /u/HumbleFool209 [link] [comments]
  • Im here to start a new fresh farm
    If you want to join a farm from scratch with shared money you can just dm me! Its on pc version, any age! mic is not neccesary My disc is: Nic#8449 submitted by /u/Ximthie [link] [comments]
  • 29F looking for someone to join co-op (PS4)
    Looking for someone to play co-op on my farm, join, or start new... I'm currently on Spring year 4 if that matters 🙂 Add me on psn: ilikebearpuns submitted by /u/ilikebearpuns [link] [comments]
  • [PC] 18F - Looking to join a co-op farm with mature, yet fun players! Players must be 18+ and around my age. Time over here is EST.
    I’m super chill and love joking around. Looking to enjoy a game with some friends who like to goof around, while still trying to play the objective of the game. So yeah haha looking for mature folks who aren’t that mature but still mature 😂 Haven't played this game in over a year. I started on mobile and finally got the game on pc! Would love to join some players. Must be 18+ ideally around my age. Before playing, let’s get to know each other first through discord. If you’re interested, reply to this post with your discord username and I’ll add you! submitted by /u/sam03260 [link] [comments]
  • [META] For the love of Yoba - PUT YOUR PLATFORM IN TITLE
    No one wants to open and read every post, or have to ask. Please. I upvote every post with platform in title. submitted by /u/lovetoloveyababy [link] [comments]
  • Want to join a fresh farm?
    Do you want to join a fresh farm? Its going to be on the basic map and shared money, im new to stardrew valley ^^ i live in Norway submitted by /u/Ximthie [link] [comments]
  • Casual Co-Op Farm [PC, CST TIMEZONE]
    Hey, I'm kind of in the mood for some casual pals to chat with while goofing around on a virtual farm a couple of times a week. I'd like to keep it low effort, if that makes sense? Like, while there may be a super-efficient trick to maxing profits or some ultimate farm layout, I just wanna give Linus yams and grow pretty flowers. If you're interested, here's my discord: cozy#5876. No minors, please? I feel weird chit-chatting with kids online (I count Cool Teens as kids), even in harmless settings. submitted by /u/msmneme [link] [comments]
  • Stardew Vally Multiplayer [Xbox, 1-2 Only]
    Looking for friends to help on a farm, DM me for gamertag. Eastern Time, USA submitted by /u/ArkTheGamerFur [link] [comments]
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