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facebook pro tip

Using Friend Lists

to View New Posts

from Liked Pages

on Facebook


When you find a blog you enjoy, and you notice a Facebook like box in the sidebar, do you click it? I do!


A short while ago, though, I noticed that posts from the pages I’d liked on Facebook weren’t showing up in the newsfeed on my ‘Home’ page.


Well, I did a bit of research, and here’s a little 3-step workaround which I landed upon,  in order not to miss anything posted on pages I like:


  1. Go ‘Home’ and then, on the left of the page, click ‘Friend Lists’ under the Explore heading.
  2. Use ‘Create List’, type something in the ‘Name List’ field, and hit ‘Create’.
  3. Now you are on the page for the new friend list, which you can always find again through ‘Friend Lists’ under Explore. Here you can either click the ‘Add Friends to List’ button and select ‘Pages’ from the dropdown menu top left, or just start typing the name of a liked page into the ‘Add friends to this list’ field under ‘On This List’.


Now, whenever you click ‘Friend Lists’ under Explore and select this list, you will see posts from all of the pages (and/or people) you’ve added to the list!


Advanced action:

If you’re discovering new blogs and Facebook pages all the time as I am, it can be difficult to remember all the names of the pages you’ve liked, in order to type them into the ‘Add friends to this list’ field under ‘On This List’ on the list you’ve created and selected from the ‘Friend Lists’ page under Explore on the left of the ‘Home’ page.

{deep breath}

So here’s what I do:

  • I open Facebook in two different tabs of the same browser instance
  1. in one of the tabs, I navigate to the created friend list
  2. in the other tab, I select ‘Activity Log’ from the dropdown menu under the upside-down triangle all the way to the right on the blue toolbar on top of every Facebook page.
  • Scrolling down my Activity Log in tab 2, I spot pages I’ve liked most recently, and then I type the first few letters of each page into the ‘Add friends to this list’ box under ‘On This List’ in tab 1, which brings up autofill options under the field, so I can select and repeat.
  • Bob’s your uncle! Comprehensive lists of liked pages which automatically populate with new posts.

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